Celebrating the arrival of the hottest new summer footwear is the launch of the luxury sandal brand, Uzurii at O’de Rose concept store and boutique in Jumeirah on Thursday, June 2nd from 5pm to 8pm.


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This summer’s must-have fashion items are the hand-crafted elegant sandals for women and men created by Brazilian designer, Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos. Ferreira dos Santos started the label from a passion she has carried with her from her birth in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest which is also where the technique for creating the sandals comes from.  Uzurii collections are largely hand-made with semi-precious stone while immense detail and attention is given to each pair.  The unique method of constructing the sandals along with the vibrant colors and elegant beadwork make these summer staples perfect for everyone.  Uzurri’s collections of footwear and bags can be found exclusively at O’de Rose concept store and boutique on 999 Al Wasl Road in Jumeirah.

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Uzurii is a fashion label with a clear and strong signature–the ultimate combination of casual glamour and timeless elegance and the expression of the designer’s passion and acute eye for fashion. Initially fashion designer Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos developed Uzurii to make women feel elegant and attractive and, above all, feminine. Followed only a year later by a men’s collection, based on the same design vision and crafted with the same care as the ladies’ line. The Uzurii collection consists of a series of luxurious, largely hand-made flip flops for ladies and men. Years of research and development preceded the production and the brand never ceases to strive to improve comfort, quality and durability. Uzurii designer Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos has a passion for the best materials, semi-precious stones and luxurious details. Any Uzurii article is created and made as a gift to you (or to a special friend) and comes in a luxurious box and/or a satin bag for the ladies’ line, and a robust wooden box, also with a satin bag, for the men’s line.



Founding fashion label Uzurii fulfilled the ultimate dream of Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos (1971), who was born in Brazil’s Amazon rain forest and moved to the slums of Rio de Janeiro at the age of five. The young Shieglee had three big wishes: to have a pair of shoes of her own, dance like a real samba queen on one of the floats in a carnival parade and sleeping in Rio de Janeiro’s most beautiful hotel for one night. At the age of 13 she moved to The Netherlands, sailed through high school and graduated from fashion academies. Being able to absorb the most valuable elements of both cultures, she grew to be the creative and self-assured woman she is today. Thirty years on, all her wishes have been fulfilled – she has stayed at the hotel where her mother was once a chambermaid and danced as the breathtakingly glamorous Isis in Rio de Janeiro’s Samba. Her passion and unique sense for fashion resulted 

in a worldwide successful fashion brand. Together with her team of dedicated professionals Shieglee tirelessly works on new and more beautiful collections. Never denying her roots Shieglee now inspires, encourages and helps others to achieve their dreams. Uzurii actively supports various charities such as UNICEF to help the disadvantaged youth in their quests for better lives.

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Uzurii-Luxury Footwear

Exclusive Collection at o'de rose

From 130 AED to 860 AED for Limited Edition.


o'de rose 999 Al Wasl Road Umm Suqeim 2 :

Thursday 2 june from 5pm to 8pm

Valet Parking available.

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